What is good logo design?
A good original logo should be simple, memorable and make a smart use of colours.
The most common mistake I see people doing is over kill. Your motif should have one clear interesting big idea and be unique. That will help your logo shrink without losing details and be recognizable and usable at any print or web sizes. Have you ever wondered why the biggest companies in the world have simple logos? That tick means something, less is more.
What is branding?
A brand is more than just your logo.
Your logo will come with a set of colour, font and image guidelines to assist in any form of communication that you do, it will help you keep your brand consistent across all media and give out a clear idea of who you are visually. Finding your brand personality and tone is the most important part of being memorable, and your image should be consistent across all stationery and media at all times.
Why should I not use Fiverr?
My personal experience with Fiverr is "you get what you pay for".
You will most likely get a collection of clip-art images that won't be great for applicability in the long run, and might breach copyright laws. You will also not get a chance to speak to someone face-to-face. I believe understanding your business and your design taste is a big part of what will make your original logo project great. Don't look like everyone else.
What is your design process?
After our first contact I will send you a brief form and set up a meeting,  I will ask you to bring some visual references and we will talk about your business and what you would like to achieve. After that, I will bring the concepts to the design room and get back to you with a few options - which I am more than happy to do tweaks before delivering the final product.
We will be in contact during the entire process, as I believe in the importance of the clients input & ideas on every project.
What kind of logo files will I get from you?
PNG (Transparent Background) + JPG + EPS (Vector) & a Brand Guidelines doc in PDF format.

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